Aria del Garda

Parfum met het Gardameer op de achtergrond


De aroma’s van het Gardameer

Er verschijnen steeds meer leuke streekproducten van het Gardameer.  Neem nu deze Eau de Toilette van Aria del Garda, de geuren van het Gardameer in een flesje…


Aria del Garda

For those who are not sure exactly what colour lavander is, and cannot remember what the crisp early morning air of late summer days is like, for those who do not even know that there is sweetness in lemons, and energy in the aroma of an orange… for those who would really like to smell again that essence of citrus fruit which takes you by surprise in the marinas around the lake whilst you admire the sunset over the water… ARIA DEL GARDA… a very old essence which is difficult to capture, has now been locked in a bottle…