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Wandelen aan het Gardameer – Sentiero del Ventrar

If you are on holiday in Lake Garda and you like walking in the hills, you must spend a day on Monte Baldo.  Here there are many different routes you can take depending on what kind of walking you like, but there is one trek that you absolutely ought to do – the Ventrar Path.

The Ventrar Path is about a kilometre long and is found on the north slopes of the Colma of Malcesine.  It has rocky parts and other parts with breathtaking views over Lake Garda.  This path is also well-known for its plant-life. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as a Botanical Paradise.

Along the Ventrar Path there are some fairly exposed sections and in some places there are steel hand wires to hold on to, even if they aren’t always strictly necessary.  If you do use the steel cables, make sure that they are well attached!

Because of the presence of the hand wires and the exposed sections, this trek is classified by the CAI as EE (expert walkers).

Be careful if you are doing this walk while the path is wet.

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When you get to the top of Monte Baldo (using the Cable Car from Malcesine), you will find the Ventrar Path to the north and can be reached from the East coming down from Colma di Malcesine or from the West coming down on the path that connects Tratto Spino to Prai over the pastures in the zone below the parascending take-off area.  This path is at the height of the Paperino drag lift poles.

The whole itinerary is about 5km long and takes about 2 hours.

The Ventrar Path is rich in wonderful views and has some delightful shortcuts along the way.  If you like plants, you will be sure to see some beautiful flowers at the start of the summer – their flowering depends upon when the snow melts which seems to get later and later each year!

“Climbers and excursionists should always love and protect nature; therefore I advise you to take pictures instead of picking up a flower.”

01_Sentiero del Ventrar - 360gardalife

Click here if you want to learn more about Monte Baldo flora and flora.

To avoid long queues in the high season I suggest you to take the cable car early in the morning. Here you will find the cable car costs, timetables and contacts.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and Monte Baldo web cam before setting off to trek on the mountain.

Happy Hiking to you all!
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